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You deserve a benefits program that supports your growing business.

We work with growing businesses to provide high quality plan designs and services not typically found from a national or single consultant firm.




Growing a thriving business requires…

Attracting the right people

All three of Arcwood’s disciplines (Benefits, Retirement Plan, and Human Resource Consulting) have major impacts on an employer’s ability to attract and retain employees.

  • Eroding benefits to combat increasing insurance premiums create a significant financial burden for families of any income coupled with higher frustration by plan members causing them to look for other job opportunities.
  • Employees are becoming increasingly aware of the need to save for retirement. Studies have shown many employees are willing to leaving employers in search of more enriched saving packages.
  • Having an HR partner can provide your team the time it needs to develop company culture, communicate benefit and compensation packages, and ease the strain of their multi-tasking day to day operations from recruiting, training, and employee engagement.

Controlling your overhead expenses

Benefit expenses are easily a top four expense item on your Profit and Loss Statement. Our strategies can significantly reduce this expense while improving benefits to your members. Many employers use these freed up resources to fund retirement plans, research and development, and compensation packages. What would you use it for?

Staying ahead of your competition

Rising health insurance costs continue to impact business expenses and revenue, and your plan may not be designed to help attract top talent. If you are part of a team that is running a benefits program there’s a good chance you’re wearing too many hats, putting out too many fires and quite possibly feel like a part of your companies’ cost center than a strategic partner to guide the company forward.

Further complicating it, many in the leadership team responsible for managing benefits don’t feel appreciated for the value of your benefits plan, typically borne from the employees not understanding the value. Both can effect retention, and without retention, workplace stability and production can suffer, impacting your competitive edge.

However, an expensive and ineffective benefits package can present a huge challenge to future growth when you lack the time, people and resources.

The “AAA” process.


Access YOUR plan data to make educated decisions on your plan.


Leverage our HR team to align your benefits with company culture.


Your employees are getting more and you’re paying less.

How can you leverage our “AAA” process to support your growing business?

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