Pete's Corner

Pete's Corner|Sep 14, 2020

Peter Rowe, CEO of Arcwood Benefits, shares exciting news about an upcoming educational series on health care benefits.

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Pete's Corner

Pete's Corner|Aug 17, 2020

Peter Rowe, CEO of Arcwood Benefits, breaks down the latest legislative news in Arizona related to COVID-19 and employers. In this go around, he spotlights Governor Ducey directing CARES Act funding to child care centers, a failed ballot initiative on health care protections, and an implicative new case in New York v. the U.S. Department of Labor.

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General News

General News|Aug 17, 2020

Matt Hatfield, CPA and Partner for the Lohman Company, provides an update on COVID-19 relief legislation making its rounds in the U.S. House and Senate – where it’s stalled, where it’s getting pushed through, and what (if any) expectations employers should have.

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Pete's Corner

Pete's Corner|Jul 27, 2020

Peter Rowe, CEO of Arcwood Benefits Consulting, responds to the biggest concerns he hears from speaking with local business leaders as it relates to COVID-19.

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News|Jul 27, 2020

Various pieces of legislation are on the table in Washington; it’s important to unpack these bills so businesses can start to anticipate what (if any) additional relief may be on the way.

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Pete's Corner

Pete's Corner|Jul 13, 2020

Peter Rowe, President & CEO of Arcwood, clarifies what the “outbreak period” means regarding the CARES Act, PPP loan, and other employer benefits surrounding COVID-19.

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General News

General News|Jun 23, 2020

Laura Magnuson, Clinical Behavioral Account Manager for Cigna, details mental health before COVID-19 as well as how it has changed since – and what business owners can do to help their employees through these challenging times. (Video 2/3 from the 6.22.2020 town hall meeting)

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Pete's Corner

Pete's Corner|Jun 23, 2020

Arcwood President, Peter Rowe, kicks off the weekly Town Hall meeting with a perspective on the surge of COVID-19 cases in Arizona. (Video 1/3 from the June 22, 2020 Town Hall Meeting)

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Blog|Jun 12, 2020

Matt Hatfield, CPA, Lohman Company, LLC provides his latest update on the PPP Flexibility Act of 2020 for businesses / employers.

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