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Retirement Plans

Our mission is to increase participant retirement success and investment understanding while clearly managing financial risk. Services are tailored to meet the specific and ever changing regulatory exposure and participant needs facing our clients.
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Arcwood specializes in company sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k), 403(b), Defined-Benefit and many other executive compensation or non-qualified plans.

Plan Design

Your Arcwood Financial Retirement Plan Consultants specialize in reviewing plan design to help your company optimize your plan to fit your businesses needs and goals, while monitoring your plan operations and assisting with your participants.

Often we find ways to re-classify an employer contribution to increase contributions for key and leadership teams through qualified and non-qualified executive compensation plans.

Participant Engagement

We believe two core things.

  1. Participant education and advice should be delivered directly by a seasoned plan advisor and not a platform representative.
  2. Every employer and employee group are different; participant engagement needs to be adaptive and tailored to your company structure.

Our education strategies involve one-on-one and group in person meetings, group webinar education recordings, custom newsletter content, and on demand education content. Our topics include basic financial planning tools beginning with budgeting, managing credit score, to custom allocation risk model portfolios and estate planning techniques. All designed to have your participants proactively engage with advisors and increase retirement success.

Investment Monitoring

Ensuring your Retirement Plan is compliant requires investing the companies time in an Investment Committee for monitoring plan investment options. As a Registered Investment Advisor, you have the option to have Arcwood serve as a 3(38)-investment advisor, releasing your investment monitoring responsibilities to the Arcwood Investment Committee.

Regardless of if you select Arcwood as your 3(21) or 3(38) advisor, Arcwood differentiators are:

  1. Ensuring all investment classes are devoid of non-level revenue sharing, something that creates inequity in the fee’s plan participants are paying, a major Department of Labor concern.
  2. Hosting product managers and specialists to assist in fund review such as Target Date Funds, a common QDIA, and Stable Value Accounts.
  3. No conflicts of interest with individual wealth management. Arcwood Retirement Plan Consultants advise and consult with your plan participants and their individual advisors without the pressure to purchase any outside product or service.

Retirement Consulting services and Advisory Services offered through Arcwood Financial LLC. a registered Investment Advisory Firm. Arcwood Financial LLC., Arcwood Benefits Consulting, Inc. and Arcwood HR, LLC. are independent companies.

Retirement Success Chart

Below is a recent example of retirement plan data.

2018 was the year prior to Arcwood Financial’s scope of work. The years proceeding reflect actual plan and participant data. 2023 is an estimated projection based on current trajectory of retirement plans. 

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Whether it’s teaching someone to fish, giving them a better pole or simply making them go to the lake, there is a lot a plan sponsor and retirement plan consultant team can do together to help get participants on a path towards a more secure future.

Let’s grow together.

Our firm engages with business owners, plan sponsors, trustees, investment committees, HR professionals and other executive leaders. Client’s and their employees gain value through our proprietary processes, dedication to fiduciary standards and personal service.
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