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Quantifying the value of a consultant

General News|Jul 18, 2019

Pretty heavy reading but these multiple white papers from various record-keepers like Fidelity, Schwab and Vanguard on the value of Retirement Plan Consultant services are still really interesting. I appreciate the fact that these firms, which were traditionally known to try and work direct without advisors, have come around to the conclusion that the plan level input and participant engagement we add is a win-win for everyone. This specific Vanguard white paper tries to quantify the hypothetical future wealth creation plan participants in plans with advisors would receive vs. those without a retirement plan consultant like Arcwood. The Alpha is staggering at over 3.5% annualized. Which is hard to believe until you drill down into the article and look into the areas this increased retirement success come from. Which includes an advisors work on crucial areas like asset allocation policy, risk management frameworks, manager oversight, and most importantly plan design advocacy and implementation.

Click here to read the white paper in its entirety.

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Brandon Oliver

Brandon Oliver

Brandon T. Oliver is a Managing Partner of Arcwood Financial LLC. a Registered Investment Advisor Firm, and an Arcwood Consulting firm. Brandon is an Investment Adviser Representative and currently holds his life and health licenses as well as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation. Brandon started working in the securities industry in 2005. Soon after developing his skills in the financial services arena Brandon lead the Orphaned Client Division at a regional broker dealer where he assisted clients across the country who no longer had representatives. From there he also began assisting in the recruitment and branch development of new advisors for the same broker dealer. At Arcwood Financial LLC, Brandon is a specialist on plan investment menu design, managed portfolios and the monitoring of the designated investment options, plan providers, participant education and committee governance. When not working, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife Summer and son’s Hayden and Remy. They live in North Central Phoenix, Az.