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September 24th, 2019 Radio Show

General News|Oct 16, 2019

This week on our weekly Money Radio (105.3 fm) segment Peter & Brandon Discussed QACA, the Qualified Automatic Contribution Arrangement a less commonly used type of Safe Harbor 401k plan. Which in some cases could be a better match formula and/or discretionary contribution than the older and more well know safe harbor match/contribution options.

  1. A Third Safe Harbor Option, the QACA
    1. The QACA is a newer type of safe harbor 401(k) plan. Unlike the others, It includes a requirement for the plan to have an automatic enrollment feature. These work by automatically enrolling any eligible employee into the 401k on a certain date, without the need for them to actively enroll in the plan themselves.
  2. QACA Match plans include the following special rules:
    • The QACA safe harbor matching contribution formula is a 100% match on the first 1% of compensation deferred and a 50% match on deferrals between 1% and 6% (3.5% total).
    • The plan’s default auto-deferral rate must start at no less than 3% and increase at least 1% annually to no less than 6% (with a maximum of 10%).
    • QACA safe harbor contributions can be subject to up to a 2 year cliff vesting schedule
  3. There is also a nonelective QACA. It states:
      • The nonelective QACA has a contribution of 3% to all participants, including those who choose not to contribute any amount to the plan.
      • QACA nonelective 3% contributions can also be subject to up to a 2 year cliff vesting schedule
      • Nonelective contributions can also be used to help satisfy Profit Sharing cross-testing. Fulfilling the minimum gateway for 9% profit sharing contributions to owners or other key groups as well as getting a pass for the plan’s nondiscrimination tests.

For more information on if a QACA safe-harbor plan may be appropriate for your company please contact Arcwood or your plan administrator.

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Brandon Oliver

Brandon Oliver

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