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Benefits Consulting

Controlling your health insurance costs shouldn’t be so difficult. You deserve a benefits program that supports your growing business.
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Arcwood® is a relationship-based consulting firm who tailors employee benefit plans based on your company’s strategic, industry, and competitive requirements.

Present transparent pricing options

Healthcare Reform has created a perfect storm of misalignments in the insurance industry solidifying an ever confusing and opaque system, all paid for by you and your employees.  Could you imagine providing your team a business credit card that was unregulated?  You must pay the bill, but you have no knowledge of the details of the expense.

Think how your experience of buying a car would be if you had to buy the car before knowing the cost, and the variable options? Ridiculous right?

Things. Can. Be. Different.
We create plans where you have access and control of your plan data.

Custom plan design and operation

Create a multi-year strategy:

  1. Get access to your plan data to make educated decisions on your plan operations and design.
  2. Employ strategies to remove excess expenses from procedures and prescriptions (you read that right, we create plans that pay less for the same procedures and prescriptions).
  3. Award your plan participants with reduced out-of-pocket expenses for becoming better healthcare consumers.

Participant education and guidance

Participant education is paramount to the success of any benefits plan. Participants and their family are educated to understand they have options to help them during a stressful and confusing time.  

Member advocates are added to our plans to provide:

  1. Guidance to the best performing providers based on quality metrics 
  2. Comfort to your participants knowing they have an advocate to assist them, reducing stress and confusion.

Benefits Consulting services are offered through Arcwood Benefits Consulting, Inc.

Projected Plan Costs Over Time

PPO Trend vs Custom Plan implemented by Arcwood

The graph below is designed to illustrate the accumulated impact over a 4 year period created by the difference in annual price increases, or “trend”, between commercial PPO’s and a custom plan design implemented by Arcwood, Inc.

$1,123,714 (YEAR 1)
$1,404,642 (YEAR 1)
$1,179,900 (YEAR 2)
$1,545,107 (YEAR 2)
$1,238,894 (YEAR 3)
$1,699,617 (YEAR 3)
$1,300,839 (YEAR 4)
$1,869,579 (YEAR 4)

Custom Plan through Arcwood
Current PPO Trend

For illustrative purposed only. This analysis is not intended to be a binding contract. Actual results may vary and are subject to insurance company, stop-loss, and underwriting. Estimated PPO trend of 10% is based on a blended CDHP trend*. Custom plan trend of 5% based on full implementation and utilization of strategies. *CDHP trend at 8.6%, pharmacy trend 13.9%, and specialty pharmacy trend in excess of 20%. (Source: USI Insurance 2017 Spring Healthcare Claim Trend Survey). **Medicare trend from 2010 – 2016 was 1.3% (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

The Roadmap to Results

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple 
Introduce Arcwood Strategies 

Step one is a 10-15 minute phone call to gauge if your organization would qualify for a custom benefit plan or consulting.  

Data Gathering and Analysis

30-45 minute virtual meeting to gather data and see if our strategies and philosophy fits your organizational needs.

Insights and Consulting Meeting

60-90 minute in-person meeting to deliver insights attained from your data and expected results from implementation. 

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U.S. health care costs currently exceed 17% of GDP and continue to rise. Explanations are not hard to find. The aging of the population and development of new treatments are behind some of the increase. Conflicting incentives also contribute: Third-party payers (insurance companies and governments) reimburse for procedures performed rather than outcomes achieved, and patients bear little responsibility for the cost of the health care services they demand. Find out what measures can save your business up to 40% of its total healthcare spend. 

Let’s be clear.

Arcwood® clears the decision ensuring your elected benefits package meets your goals.
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